Step into an enigmatic narrative where worlds entwine with the Pokémon TCG - Paradox Rift Booster Pack! Bursting with unexpected adventures, each pack propels you through a vortex of time, space, and spectacular battles. Navigate through twisted timelines and chaotic dimensions, uncovering new Pokémon allies and potential strategies along the way.

Key Features:

  1. All-New Adventure: Paradox Rift introduces a universe where each card promises potential alliances, epic battles, and enthralling stories.
  2. Mystery in Every Pack: Enjoy the thrill of the unknown with every pack, potentially unveiling rare and special cards to amplify your collection and gameplay.
  3. Encounter Exotic Pokémon: Discover and ally with Pokémon from various timelines and dimensions, each bringing unique power and lore to your deck.
  4. Perfect for All Ages: A splendid surprise for collectors, enthusiasts, and strategists, inviting everyone to partake in the unraveling of mysteries.
  5. Ideal Gift: Serve as a pocket-sized adventure for anyone in your life enchanted by the Pokémon universe, delivering joy and surprise in a petite package.


Ideal for Pokémon enthusiasts, collectors, and TCG players, these booster packs serve as a gateway to new challenges, allies, and adventures within the mesmerizing Paradox Rift.

Pack Details:

  • Set: Paradox Rift
  • Content: A curated selection of Pokémon cards with potential for rares, ultra-rares, and powerful Pokémon.
Pokemon Paradox Rift Boosters
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