Prepare to wield the power of poison with the Noxious Atmosphere Malifaux 3e Box. This box adds to the Plague and Freikorps Keywords.  With their toxic arsenal and cunning tactics, these formidable models bring a new level of strategy to your games as they unleash havoc upon your opponents.

Key Features:

  1. Plague and Freikorps Keywords: Expand your tactical options with models bearing the Plague and Freikorps Keywords, offering unique abilities and synergies within your crew.
  2. Tunnel Rats: Infiltrate enemy lines with two Tunnel Rats, agile and cunning soldiers capable of navigating even the most treacherous terrain to strike at the heart of your foes.
  3. Fumigator: Lead your toxic assault with the Fumigator, a master of chemical warfare whose noxious gases spread chaos and confusion, weakening and debilitating your adversaries.
  4. Malifaux 3rd Edition: Designed for Malifaux 3rd Edition, this box provides updated rules and profiles, ensuring seamless integration into your gaming experience.
  5. Collector's Gem: Perfect for collectors and players alike, the Noxious Atmosphere Malifaux 3e Box offers stunning miniatures and thrilling gameplay for Malifaux enthusiasts.


Ideal for Malifaux players seeking to add a toxic touch to their crews and dominate the battlefield with deadly poisons and strategic cunning.

Box Contents:

  • 2x Tunnel Rats
  • 1 Fumigator
  • Keywords: Plague, Freikorps
  • Compatible with Malifaux 3rd Edition

This is a pre-order and will release 31st March 2024.

Noxious Atmosphere
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