Embark on a magical journey with the Disney Lorcana Wave 3 Starter Decks, a captivating addition to your trading card adventures. Each deck, available in Emerald/Amber and Sapphire/Ruby editions, boasts a meticulously crafted 60-card preconstructed set that immerses you in the enchanting worlds of Disney. Dive into thrilling gameplay, discover strategic depth, and enhance your collection with the included booster pack.

Key Features:

  1. Emerald/Amber and Sapphire/Ruby Editions: Choose your path with two captivating editions, each representing distinct Disney enchantments.
  2. 60-Card Preconstructed Decks: Jump into the action with fully assembled decks designed for balanced and strategic gameplay from the get-go.
  3. Immersive Disney Magic: Delve into the beloved worlds of Disney, featuring iconic characters and magical moments.
  4. Booster Pack Inclusion: Elevate your collection with an additional booster pack, unveiling surprises and enhancing your deck.
  5. Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, these starter decks provide an accessible yet engaging experience.


Perfect for Disney enthusiasts, trading card collectors, and players seeking an enchanting and strategic card game experience.

Deck Details:

  • Editions: Emerald/Amber and Sapphire/Ruby
  • Card Count: 60 cards per deck
  • Includes: Booster pack for each deck, damage tokens and a lore tracker

Embark on a quest with the Disney Lorcana Wave 3 Starter Decks, where magic, strategy, and beloved characters converge. Choose your edition, master your deck, and let the enchantment unfold

Into The Inklands Starter Deck
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