The Arcanist Faction pack contains every type of marker and token you'll need as a Arcanist player for Malifaux 3rd edition.

This set contains:

6x 30mm Strat Markers
10x 30mm Scheme Markers
6x 30mm Pass Markers
15x 30mm Scrap Markers
12x 30mm Corpse Markers
2x 30mm Shockwave Markers
1x 30mm Blown Apart Marker
1x 30mm Confusion Marker
6x 30mm Tunnel Markers (Molemen)
10x 30mm Ice Pillars (Rasputina,Colette,Sandeep)
5x 30mm Decoy Markers (Colette)
6x 30mm Arc Nodes (Hoffman)
2x 50mm Blast Markers
2x 50mm Windwall Markers (Ironsides)
12x 50mm Pyre Markers (Kaeris, Sandeep, Colette)
5x 50mm Pit Trap Markers
1x 50mm Dust Cloud (Marcus)
3x 15mm Chi Tokens (Sandeep)
10x 15mm Fate Tokens (Mech Rider)
10x 15mm Sin Tokens (Envy)
8x 15mm Adrenaline Tokens (Ironsides)
15x 15mm Power Token
1 Measuring Widget
1 Arcanist Soulstone Die

Faction Arcanist
Colour Blue
Type All In
Arcanist Faction Tokens
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